What to consider when outsourcing a software House 2023

By outsourcing a Software House, there are several benefits that an organization can experience. Whether it is a business with several years in the market or a new project, having the external support of information technology (IT) specialists facilitates the digital transformation of those companies that need to modernize; similarly, it accelerates the growth of newly established companies in a framework of innovation. However, the process of choosing a provider is usually not an easy task. Along the way, doubts abound among managers, which is not for less, since the greatest responsibility for the future of the company falls on them.

What to consider when outsourcing a software House 2023


Outsourcing of a Software House 2023

Therefore, we have selected the most relevant aspects when choosing the business partner that will help optimize processes and take advantage of market opportunities. In other words, to emerge galloping and victorious in the demanding digital age.

Time zone and proximity

As in any type of business project, time is of the essence. For this reason, the software developer must be able to adapt to the schedules of the company served; This means that the provider does not need to be in the same city, in fact, the nearshore modality between the United States and Mexico is becoming more and more common; what the technology factory must provide as part of its value proposition is the right response or resolution at the right time.

Cost-benefit relation

A clear benefit of outsourcing has to do with the reduction of costs associated with infrastructure, salaries and training. Generally speaking, this is something that all software factories offer; but at the time of the election, it is advisable to exhaustively evaluate each proposal based on the investment and the value that can be generated in different terms: the cheapest does not necessarily represent the best option.

Proven methodology

When a company knows what it is doing and has the experience, it establishes the most appropriate set of methods to execute projects. An adequate methodology in the field of IT must fundamentally contemplate the understanding of the objective; review of current processes; process alignment; design and development of the new system; implementation and testing; and documentation, training, and commissioning.

Industry knowledge and experience

Undoubtedly, when entrusting the technological strategy, a software company that knows the trends in the sector, what are considered the best practices, as well as what have been the successes and failures in similar projects, has gained a point. This also translates into the credibility and trust that every customer aspires to in a business relationship. 

Innovative Profile

If there is something that does not stop, it is the advances in computer and information technology. In a world that claims the new oil is data, brushing aside trends on the subject will only cause the company to lag behind. For this reason, the software factory to be outsourced must be up to date with developments and promote the practice of disruptive innovation, which entails experimenting with what is emerging and what is next: artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, etc.

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