Check out the 5 best software to manage small businesses

If you are an entrepreneur, you must have already sought the help of technology to simplify your company’s processes. In practice, in an increasingly competitive market, technological tools play an extremely important role for companies, whether small, medium, or large.
This is the case of software for companies, an alternative that manages to simplify the management of companies, in addition to making processes more organized.
Check out the 5 best software to manage small businesses
In the case of small companies, the implementation of really effective technologies ends up being a fundamental issue for their growth in the market. That way, even if a particular business uses paid software to improve its management, knows that this needs to be seen as an investment.
On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that there are several options available on the market, and this range of alternatives continues to increase. When you want to find the best option in this regard, a few things need to be considered, including the needs and particularities of your company.

Best software options for small businesses

If you don’t know where to start, know that we will help. We have separated some of the best software options for small businesses, which will serve to make your search for a suitable alternative much easier.
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First, do you know the relationship between business software and good management of it?

Check out the 5 best software to manage small businesses
As you can imagine, the software available on the market helps to run a business in many ways.
To begin with, you should keep in mind that software can bring together all the business processes in one place or just some of them. That’s why these systems generate a broader view of the company’s functioning, including the data surrounding its health.
As a result, they help employees save time and resources. If processes are being facilitated by this software, company employees can pay attention to other issues. In other words, the productivity gains end up being quite large, isn’t it?
But not so, because these systems also help the manager to cut expenses, in addition, of course, to serve as a source of information when making important decisions.
In addition to all this, good software ensures that a business does not lose control of strategic processes, such as the entry and exit of goods, growth or decline in sales, debt payments, and so on. These are just a few examples of the countless possibilities that these systems offer.
Although the software is a practically mandatory item in the management of medium and large companies, many small business entrepreneurs end up leaving this alternative aside. However, even if a company is small or is starting its activities in the market, good software will be able to help in many processes.
Keeping up with the constant evolution of technological tools, you will certainly be able to find software that perfectly fits the characteristics that your company needs. There are many options available on the market, and it is up to the manager to find the best one for their business model.
Knowing that, let’s get to know some of the best software options for small businesses.

#01. Blue Account

This business management platform is more focused on small and medium-sized companies. It is one of the most popular and used nowadays.
Among its features, it is possible to integrate the platform with a bank, control sales and have access to a control panel that offers a detailed view of the processes in each of the areas. ContaAzul also allows the creation of users to access the system, which happens in a fully controlled manner. Thus, each profile can have access to different modules and documents, something that must vary according to the activities performed.
Finally, this platform manages to be quite secure. It works with the same certificates as online banks. Therefore, security is seen as a priority.
ContaAzul offers a 3-day free trial if you want to learn more about the platform. After this period, the plan prices range from R$89.90 to R$249.00 per month.

#02. Blue Account

This is an option aimed at micro-entrepreneurs. Its functionalities are divided into commerce, e-commerce, services, and industries.
Using the management system for commerce, for example, your business will be able to use tools for issuing invoices, profit balances, cash flow, income statements, customer relationship management, and much more.
For a micro-entrepreneur, Tiny ERP ends up being a great ally, even more so when we consider that their plans start at R$ 50.00 per month, a low value for everything that is offered. In addition, it is also possible to try its features for free for 30 days before making a decision.

#03. Bling System

Being an ERP highly recommended for micro and small companies, Bling focuses on virtual stores. Thus, its functionalities are varied in this sense.
It can offer the issuance of invoices and slips, sales management, inventory control, financial management, etc. Integration with Correios is also a possible issue, which allows customers to have access to delivery tracking, for example.
The Bling System plans start at R$25.00 per month for two users. For those who can and need to pay a little more, there are plans for up to 15 users for R$100.00 per month. If you want to test Bling before purchasing one of their plans, you can use it for free for 30 days.
#04. TOTVS
The ERP of TOTVS, one of the largest technology companies in Brazil, is able to serve twelve market segments, including retail, health, construction, and agribusiness.
As a result, its features are very broad. In the financial field, for example, it is possible to manage accounts payable and receivable, take advantage of banking automation, and organize cash flow.
And it doesn’t stop there, as the TOTVS ERP covers all other important features for an accounting, tax, inventory, and commercial management system. It also offers the option of a call center, which includes billing, sales, and telephone service.
On the other hand, to hire the TOTVS ERP system, you need to schedule a visit with a company representative. This representative will better explain how this alternative works, in addition to negotiating the values.

#05. Nibo

Last but not least, we have Nibo. Through it, your company will be able to monitor cash flow, organize accounts and automate the entire collection process.
Amazing, no? In addition, this software can also integrate with your accountant’s office, allowing him to have access in a simplified way to the most important data of the business.
Its prices start from R$ 75.00 per month, with the possibility of contracting monthly, half-yearly, or annually. If you want to get to know Nibo better, know that it is also possible to do a free trial for 5 days.
So, were you able to find a good option for your business? With one of these software, you will certainly be able to further enhance your company’s performance in the market.
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