5 Best Steps To Get Your Website Optimized For SEO 2023

SEO is a set of techniques that allow you to place your website in the top positions when a search engine, such as Google, is used. As much as some thought it was necessary to pay to appear first (it really is possible to do that), most search results are numbered by your score. Even those who are paid lose their position at the end of the campaign. Now we will discuss the 5 Best Steps To Get Your Website Optimized For SEO 2022.

5 Best Steps To Get Your Website Optimized For SEO 2022


Organic traffic has been the backbone of many digital businesses, not least because it ends up being the biggest source of lead capture and automatic sales. Who hasn’t wanted to build a huge email base without having to spend a dime on paid traffic? But I’m going to advance that SEO does not mean the extinction of paid traffic because several pages that are already in first place in searches still invest in this type of marketing.

So I decided to bring here some ways that will make your site optimized. More precisely, 5 amazing steps will be discussed so that you can have the best possible results.

How to make your website optimized for SEO

Before starting, I feel obliged to talk about some essential items on the subject. First, you need to index your site to Google through a sitemap. There is no need to panic, after all, many free tools do this automatically. Sometimes even the hosting service already has this type of action.

This is necessary, as Google uses small “robots” which are codes that read all indexed sites. Without you telling Google your site exists, it will never be evaluated for SEO. So try to make sure your website is live before you start posting and working on content and marketing campaigns. Remembering that these robots can take some time to capture changes, ok?

5 Seo steps to optimize your website:

1 – Improve performance

First, Google will take into account the performance of your site. That is, how much time it will spend being loaded. The heavier the site, the longer it will take, and the more people it takes to access it, the worse your score. Fortunately, there is no reason to panic, this problem can be solved with two types of plugins.

One is for the creation of a cache, with it you leave parts of your site saved on the person’s computer. So it will have a faster loading in the next accesses. In addition, you can also improve speed by using some kind of plugin to compress the images on your site. They are the heaviest items on the page, cutting some to a lower quality usually solves the problem.

2 – Internal links

Google wants to know if you have a kind of consistency when you’re writing. If you want to show that everything you write revolves around the same subject, you need to create an internal link. That is, you will place links in your text that will point to your own domain. It’s not that difficult, but don’t forget to put them in a logical order.

There is no apparent limit, but it is good to put between 3 to 5 maximum if you are writing a text with 1000 words. Decreasing the number as the text size becomes smaller.

3 – Choosing keywords

The keyword is an essential element for SEO, in fact, it is what says where your points will be calculated. When selecting a keyword, remember that it needs to have several searches large enough to be relevant and small enough for you to have a chance of reaching the number one spot.

It’s no use trying to compete with pages with more than thousands of backlinks and great adherence on social networks. On the other hand, it’s unwise to try to rank for a keyword that doesn’t have any monthly searches. For those who are starting something around 100 to 1000 monthly searches are ideal!

Choosing keywords is something that many have great difficulties with, as there are keywords that convert, and others that do not. As this is something essential for you to have results, it is important to have expertise in the subject, but if you don’t have it, an SEO course like this one would suit you well, because then you could literally understand how Google works and multiply your results.

4 – Optimized titles

Titles also count a lot for SEO, both those that are in H1 and those that will be used for the Google Snippet. If you want to know how to create one it’s quite easy. First, remember to start the title preferably with your chosen keyword. It can be a little difficult, but if you can’t do it just be sure to include the keyphrase inside.

Using numbers is also considered a very positive thing, especially in the SEO title. This also makes writing easier, as it generates the possibility of creating content in a list.

5 – Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are extremely powerful for ranking well. In fact, I’ll tell you that it’s practically impossible to reach number one without having a good amount of them. A backlink is a link made on any domain that points to yours. That is, it is not worth using internal links, they are discarded.

Google understands that if you have a lot of backlinks it’s because you have a lot of authority on the subject, so you better be in the top positions. Try to get backlinks by trading with other blogs in the industry or by creating guest posts. Some buy multiple domains and create a private blog network (PBN), but besides being expensive you need to spend a lot of time.

This action is usually done by a professional in the field who also prevents Google from viewing PBN as a Black Hat violation.


There are still other steps you can implement. Understand that when we talk about SEO nothing is too much trouble. If you stay within the White Hat rules, normally, over time your site’s authority and score will increase a lot. Therefore, nothing is more logical than making your attitudes always aimed at bringing about constant improvements.

A good authoritative website builds over time, it can take months or years, but the fact is that a lot can be improved overnight. The more you work towards this goal, the faster you’ll get to your goal of excellent organic traffic, so don’t give up if you don’t see results within the first few days.

Remember that the verifications of your sites are not done instantly, it may take up to a few days for you to be seen. What really matters is not to commit infractions. Infractions take time to fix and can cause permanent damage to your domain’s SEO, sometimes it’s worth deleting your site and starting a new one.

Anyway, what you’ve seen here today should already give you a basis for where you need to start. Visit Maxmatechsoft

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